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Hello!  I’m going to interview myself and ask questions that I’m guessing you would like to know.  Let me know if I missed anything.


In a nutshell, who are you?
Happy. Busy. Love having a profession I adore. A mother to two amazing children. Owen is our six year old biological son who can’t get enough of Star Wars. Semi is our adopted daughter from Ethiopia who I bet will be some sort of performer/entertainer. I’m married to my handsome husband Stephen, someone who makes me a better person every day.

How long have you been taking pictures? I’ve had a camera in my hands since my teenage years, photographing pets and family.  My Dad would fix the settings on his nice camera and off I would go, knowing nothing about aperture or shutter speed but instead focusing on composition and patiently waiting for the right moment.  Somehow I got the sense early on that we are all beautiful, photographs are important, and I wanted to record as much as possible.  My siblings’ sporting events, family gathering, weddings, trips – a camera was always with me.  I don’t think my parents would have let me go to Georgetown University if they knew I was going to eventually ditch my nursing degree.  I was a pediatric nurse for 5 years, then switched gears and became a health educator for Boston area schools.  I stopped working when I had my son, and naturally started photographing him, and then his little playdates.  My photographs ended up being the ones my friend’s used for their holiday cards and the ones the mother of the bride framed to put on her wall.  The rest is history.

What is a photoshoot like with you? I strive for comfort.  I want clients to feel relaxed and not worry about whether their kids are “smiling” or whether they are “behaving”.  Kids will be kids and I connect with them.  I gauge who they are and figure out whether they prefer a mellow person or a complete goof on the other end of the camera.