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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Mr. Simms

Here is little Mr. Simms.  More like “Mr. Reserved” as we got started, but that didn’t last long.  Once he knew the lady with the camera was a playmate, we were off and running.  There was peek-a-boo from behind Dad’s legs, hiding under blankets, some hearty mirror-kissing, and laps around the kitchen island.  This photo shoot was requested by a doting Grandmother.  I do hope she is pleased with this sneak peak.  More to come soon!

Another lovely family

I should admit that this photo session was done back in early December and I’m finally getting a tidbit up about it for the world to see.  The mom in the images is the fabulous Susan Hunt Stevens, founder of Practically Green – a website designed to help us all live greener and healthier lives.  We did some images of her for her work and we also of her family.  We started inside all together . . .

. . . and then upstairs for goofing around on the bed . . .

. . . and a dance party . . .

. . . and then outside for more family shots.  It was freezing but they were troopers.

Speaking of being a good sport, once we knew we had some good images of Susan for her work, I quickly switched my camera to continuous shooting and held down the button to create a mini-movie reel.  Susan went with it and twirled around, striking a few fashionable poses along the way.  Here’s the very last picture of this series as she’s cracking up about the whole thing.