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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Sophie & Olivia

These two girls are lucky because they have their “A-ma” visiting for a few months. I got to see a couple photos of Sophie when she was a baby and it is amazing how similar she looks to her new little sister. Even the same hairstyle! Lovely to meet you all!

Jane’s family

When I’m greeted so lovingly at the door by the “person” below, how can I not snap a photo. Jane invited me over to photograph her girls before life made them grow up even more. Wish I could post all of the images from their photoshoot…

Two girls

I had fun running around with these sweet girls in their big backyard and snacking on popsicles. Their Dad returned from a three day trip towards the end of the photo shoot and provided some tosses into the air and a bouncy seat to sit upon (the girls are sitting on his back in the last photo). I’m sure he didn’t intend this but his shirt matched the girls’ dresses perfectly.
Lovely to meet you!

Family of 5

Well – my hand puppets and bubbles stayed in the car for this crowd. Instead they impressed me with tree swinging acrobatics, jumps off a “ten eighty” skateboard ramp, and happily allowing their dad to sprawl across their laps for an impromptu pose. It was fun to be with them for the afternoon. Thanks!