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Yearly Archives: 2010

Nicholas & Lucia

This was a lovely morning spent with a 3 year old (100% boy) and his newborn sister.  It took Miss Lucia a while to actually fall asleep so we were able to capture some great awake shots. Nicholas checked in on us every now and then and enlightened us with very fancy hockey tricks.

Twins x 2

I photographed this family of twins back in November and when it was comfortable enough to goof around outside with just a sweater on.  If you scroll through this blog you’ll recognize their faces in previous posts.  It is lovely to capture snapshots of these kids as they grow!

My friend Laura

When my photography business was getting off the ground, Laura’s kids were often my subjects simply b/c we’d have play dates together. This time around my kids stayed at home and we did a proper session. Every time I see her kids they get more and more photogenic.

Sophie & Olivia

These two girls are lucky because they have their “A-ma” visiting for a few months. I got to see a couple photos of Sophie when she was a baby and it is amazing how similar she looks to her new little sister. Even the same hairstyle! Lovely to meet you all!

Jane’s family

When I’m greeted so lovingly at the door by the “person” below, how can I not snap a photo. Jane invited me over to photograph her girls before life made them grow up even more. Wish I could post all of the images from their photoshoot…