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Monthly Archives: August 2009

Amelia and Charley

Crazy cute huh?  I had such a sweet time photographing these two girls.  Their big cousin was there for a visit and was so tender with the new babies.  Amelia “slept like a baby” the entire time I was there. 001
005Miss Charley had that inner sensor thing going on and could tell when someone wasn’t holding her.  So we humored her and went for some shots of mom holding both of them.  She humored us with this timely smirk.
002Eventually Charley joined her sister in a deep sleep and we were able to get them all snuggled up together.

September 14, 2009 - 2:22 pm ~SarahInParis~ - Megan what fabulous images and I can't believe how fabulous that Mom looks for someone who just had TWINS!!! Wow super impressive! What a fabulous image. Great work.

Henry and Eleanor

Here are two new darlings I photographed on Monday. Twelve days old. They were both asleep when I arrived and I’m so glad I got this first shot of them before Henry figured out a photographer was there.  After this photo he decided to stay awake from then on – which meant some lovely awake shots.  Miss Eleanor felt her beauty sleep was more important and snoozed through the whole thing.




Their big brothers were so patient and quiet through it all.  Little did I know they were working on a parting gift they sweetly handed me as I headed out the door – a wad of post-it notes with all sorts of carefully penned letters and words.  Awwwwww.


Heading West

This group gathered everyone together for one last time at the place “Mimi” (Grandma) has called home for the past 25 years. She lives outside a busy part of Cambridge but you’d never know it once you step into the luscious green courtyard along side her house. Four grandchildren, three children, two daughter-in-laws, and a lot of love.
Enjoy your new life in Colorado. Sounds like you’re trading in one patch of heaven for another.
Molly (1 of 4)
Molly (2 of 4)
Molly (3 of 4)
Molly (4 of 4)

Cape Cod

I loved Monday morning: a photoshoot in Chatham for this beautiful family reunion.  We met at their house and then made our way over to the beach near the Chatham Lighthouse.  Everyone started in nice clothes for the various family group shots, including some of everyone together.  While those initial photos are lovely, a group shot that stands out was this one we took about 45 minutes into the shoot – everyone is a bit more comfortable and some had already rolled up their pants to test the water.   
Maggie (1 of 1)


After the more “formal” shots, the adventurous ones changed into bathing suits and the really adventurous ones got in the water.

Kennedys – it was a pleasure to meet you. Safe travels and be well!