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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Konked out

I took my son to Kentucky for an amazing three day trip. Note to self – never again assume that he will fall asleep on a return flight that is from 7:15p – 10:30pm. Owen was awake and alert the whole time. The next day we played outside all day and came in at 4 for an early shower before an early dinner. Owen showered first. Then it was my turn and I asked him if he wanted to get dressed while he waited for me.
He crawled up onto the bed with Fluff the dog and said “you know mummy, I’ll just wait right here for you”.
I said “are you sure?”
He said “yes” with this sweet little smile.
I quickly showered and came back to find him asleep and all snuggled up like this.
Waiting for me.


Here’s a sweet little one.  Miss Lena.  A mellow little girl she was for me.


Towards the end she woke up and was nursed back to sleep. As she was falling into that deep sleep we got a couple smiles.