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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Thanksgiving at Hotel George

img_0178blogWe made another trip down to Grandma and Grandpa George’s house.  I call it Hotel George because we sleep well and always feel better about everything by the end of our trip. Owen got to play some soccer.  My niece Elise was slightly annoyed that she was removed from the sandbox. And her sister Lillie was more than happy to look beautiful. img_0016blog


I did this little photoshoot of Ellie down in the Back Bay today.  It was freeeeezing so we stayed inside and fed Elmo, jumped on the bed and watched out the window for her Dad.

02blog  17blog


5th birthday

Our beautiful boy turned 5 today.  I can’t believe it.  This photo is of Owen as we were singing Happy Birthday to him.  My parents, sister and her family were in for this little celebration on his actual birthday.  After we finished singing he let out a joyful “Thanks guys!”.  This year I could tell he really felt the love.  His pride was almost tangible. Owen is fascinated with penguins so we got him some chocolate covered penguins (in the middle) and other delicious treats from Burdick Chocolate


Good friends

img_0152blog Here are our good friends Bridget, John and their son Keefer. We did this photoshoot today at a park in Somerville. It was brisk – but like us, the more outside time their son gets, the happier everyone is. We’ve heard a rumor that they bought a slick new speedy sled… img_0220blog

Tara’s boys

img_0149blogI met this family in the Back Bay.  Tara knew of this little secluded courtyard that is part of the Prudential Center.  So out we went and these little boys ran around.  I followed, sometimes chased.  My camera didn’t quite capture how amazingly loooooong their eyelashes were.  Not to mention their big blue eyes. img_0096blogimg_0168blog