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Category Archives: Babies

Cape Cod

Soooooo nice to head back to the Cape and photograph this family.  We first walked down to the water and played around for a bit.   Then back up to the house with the grandparents.  Lovely!


Sweet boy

A photo session at the grandparents’ house.  Irresistibly cute.  Loads of fun.

Twin boys

I initially photographed this family when their daughter was a baby.  I was invited back to photograph their newborn boys.  Outside it was crisp and cool and active.  Inside it was warm and cozy and sleepy.


Pretty in hot pink

I photographed this family earlier in the year when their son was born.  They invited me back to help them with their holiday card.  Darling!

5 months old

This little dude was a blast to be with. When he wasn’t cracking up at me, he provided the complete range of expressions any 5 month old might display. Below you’ll see a few of my favorites, including one of his parents convincing him to relax his furrowed brow.